Your vote is needed!


Attention! Attention! Calling everybody around the world.

Right now Bulgaria does not have Video Relay Service, speech-to-text, and not enough qualified sign language interpreters.

We have an organization name “Listen Up”, almost like reaching out to community to see us.   Listen Up is currently in competition and is in the final 5 with other 4 organization competing.

“Listen Up” wants to be the first! Being first means being able to achieve the goal of setting up Video Relay Services, implementing speech-to-text as well as garnering interest in having more sign language interpreters (teaching/expanding).

Attention! Attention! Please help by voting, enabling “Listen Up” to get the funds. Here’s the website address:

We will show you the pictures on how you can vote.


Please assist by voting. This is for the Deaf Bulgarians so they can have equal access as hearing peers.

Thank you!