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Mother’s application for her deaf daughter to immigrate to Canada is rejected

Citizenship & Immigration Canada deemed Jazmine (Talosig), Age 14, inadmissible to Canada because she is Deaf. She poses NO excess burden of the healthcare or school systems. In turn her Mother, who has been living in Canada for 7 years, fighting for Jazmine to get here, automatically becomes ineligible for Permanent Residency because the Child is not admissible.

TAD encourages all members to sign petition to Citizenship & Immigration Canada to support the mother of a deaf daughter get approval for her daughter to move to Canada.

Toronto Star – Saturday, May 23rd: „Bigotry and ignorance are biggest enemies for deaf people, mother says“

Several people posted comments: „Deaf teen’s rights violated“ – Toronto Star

Stephanus Greeff, Interim & President, Canadian Hearing Society’s letter to Toronto Star.